Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Today's walk report: 012914

The Hunger Walk.

I get distracted at times and forget to eat. Today I was on a phone call and about 1:30 PM realized I hadn't eaten. I had to think about it though. Pause... rewind... nope, not even a cracker. Okay I'll eat after the phone call which ended shortly post my realization.

Then there was watering and some
cleanup of stage one carpet removal in the master bedroom (a major mess--that's the padding under the carpet, dried up and turned to dust), some other minor tasks and then guess what? I was out the door with my iPod blaring Led Zeppelin, just trucking right along. 1 km into the walk I realized again--you haven't eaten today, you're not going to do well on this walk or are you?

I didn't bring a camera and simply decided to hustle through the thing and if I got woozy I could always turn around. I mean shit, what about what went on yesterday? As it turned out I felt great and went the usual 8.79 km. Maybe I was riding some sort of deprivation high but I was A.O.K. Sure once I got home I went into slow motion, slow decision making mode but I eventually got myself in/out of the shower, whipped up a tuna sandwich, ate that like you might expect a hungry man to eat with no one watching and stabilized once more.

Ta-da! Protein... fish... brain food!

Aside from the carpet removal, I do have one picture to share but I'm not every excited about it. It looked a lot more interesting in person so I'm a bit disappointed in the outcome.

This is Virginia Stock (Malcolmia maritima) an errant seed that found its way into a crack in the asphalt driveway a few meters away from all its Virginia Stock companions. I will be careful not to drive over it. Flower power. Right on!

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