Monday, January 13, 2014

Today's walk report: 011314


Yesterday I mentioned my marveling at birds of prey, specifically a turkey vulture and a prairie falcon, navigating the sky in these strong Santa Ana winds were currently experiencing (again). I left a couple of birds out but since I watched in awe again today I'll mention them.

Crows seem to take delight in the winds more than most of the birds I see. Maybe it's because they are usually in groups or at least pairs that it appears as though they are playing. I think they are having fun.

Then there are the Canadian geese in for their seasonal visit. It's not so special seeing them fly in the wind, they seem to take on that task the same as they would otherwise, usually flying head-on in formation. But watching them land in the wind something else. When they put their large wings up braking against the wind it's a special sight to behold. There is a moment when they appear motionless in time.

That's all. I had a good walk although I was somewhat troubled by something that happened today. I had one on my cars in the driveway from the garage to clean this morning. I hosed it down down first and was waiting for the driveway to dry some before bringing out the vacuum cleaner. My front door was open and I was back and forth doing stuff inside the house. The car's only 5 meters from the front screen door. I noticed something in the driveway just behind the car and went out to investigate. It was a cassette tape. Not mine. I haven't used cassettes in 25+ years. So that was odd. Who dropped this tape in my driveway? Then I started vacuuming the car and noticed my car stereo had been tampered with. Right there in my driveway? Somebody tried to steal my car stereo?? REALLY?!? That's messed up. It's mostly that, I feel violated feeling which becomes pervasive. That and what ran through my head had I caught the asshole. The fantasy bust the guy and kick his ass thing. Anyway, that kind of screwed up my day and the walk was cut short, just 6.59 km. I talked to my neighbor across the street and we exchanged a little "I'll watch your house you watch mine" sort of buddy program. I do that anyway.

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