Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today's walk report: 012314


Typically I like to drink 1 liter of water beginning an hour or so before my walk and finishing at least 15 minutes before I head out the door. I didn't do that today and I don't know why. With just shy of 3 km to go in a 8.79 km walk, I wanted water. But I was also cheap. I was about 500 meters from a vending machine rendezvous but at $1.75 for 591 ml (1.25 pints) I decided to suffer.

Also, I don't like to drink cold water. When I drink water I tend to guzzle it down pretty quick. That's not a good thing to do with icy cold beverages.

Before all this dying of thirst stuff...

 White-crowned Sparrow. I believe this is a female.

The now becoming quite infamous, male Anna's hummingbird #1. I was pretty happy with both of these shots so I'm sharing. Both of these shots, the bird was on a Eucalyptus 'Moon Lagoon'. I don't usually find this bird here, although it is only 5-6 meters from it's main regular spot. I was actually sitting here because, one, I could sit and two, I had already taken some pictures of this bird and was looking for a Rufous hummingbird. THEY typically hang here.

I have no idea on the stuffed animal. It is certainly out of place. In the spring that metal container will be full of daffodils.

I also have no idea what these two clowns were up to. I was 500 meters to home and some water at this point and didn't even stop walking to take this image.

That's it. I wanted to head up to the cross country course for the sunset and I could see from home it was a really nice one but the thirst factor took precedence. Hopefully I learned my lesson. I rarely will carry water because I find it a nuisance and the liter before the excursion works for me. I also drink at least a liter when I get home. In a day I typically consume 4-6 liters of water. If I'm planning a longer walk then I make plans to pick up some water somewhere along the excursion or I break down and carry a bottle.

Enough about water. It still was a very nice walk on a gorgeous late afternoon.

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