Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Today's walk report: 010814

To the sunset and back...

and for what? I was trying to time my departure so I'd arrive atop the infamous cross country course when the sky lit up pink. I was probably 500 meters off my mark when orange was drifting down and leaving gray. Yesterday about the time I got home the sky lit up rather nicely pink. I was expecting something similar. I tempted fortune making this walk too. While my cold symptoms were for the most part tolerable I did a lot of housework and yard work throughout the day and it was catching up to me.

Just a few minutes before I got here most of what you see as was lit up orange.

I sat in the dirt and waited for about 25 minutes, imagining the sky lighting up a brilliant pink but nope. Still it was good for me to sit down. I didn't struggle with the walk but it wasn't as easy as it was yesterday and I was going in at a pretty good clip because I had stopped a few minutes to talk with my next door neighbor and wanted to make up that time. It's about 2.6 km to the top of the hill and yeah, I gotta climb up a frick'n hill whilst dealing with an infectious disease causing some grief in my upper respiratory tract. There's no way to make that "fun" however I did enjoy the walk, overall. The time sitting on the hill was fine. The music was good and for the walk home I took it easy.

Tonight I'm having lentil soup and for "dessert" Fentimans ginger beer. The strong ginger flavor feels good against the nasopharyngitis. Then cat in the lap (I'll have no choice), cozy up with blankets on the couch, a small fire in the fireplace and watch a movie... most likely 1/2 a movie but we'll see.

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