Sunday, December 31, 2017

Today's walk report: 123117, Happy New Year!

Photos from today the last day of 2017... Good riddance. Make 2018 much better, get out and vote!

Black Phoebe (Sayornis nigricans)

Black Phoebe (Sayornis nigricans)
I've seen these guys since 2013 (maybe 2012) except there were at least 5 planes at the beginning. I know there were 4 in 2016.

Some grevillea

Cassins Kingbird (Tyrannus vociferans)

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Friday, December 15, 2017

Today's walk report: 121517

Photos from November 23 (Thanksgiving) to December 4, 2017. I'm simply trying to get a couple more posts in before the end of the year.

Turkey vulture (Cathartes aura)

Melaleuca thymifolia

A really dead and munched upon cactus.

Some type of Euphorbia.

Here's a wide shot.

Bees on some type of Banksia.

Right outside the front door.

Lycianthes rantonnetii, aka, royal robe or blue potato bush.

Good tidings to you and yours. Thanks for coming along.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Today's walk report: 111917


Photos from today...

Phoebis sennae (cloudless sulphur)
Hakea minyma
Hakea minyma, "feeding the birds"
Hakea minyma
Male Allen's hummingbird, camouflaged

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Today's walk report: 111817

We're about to go out for a walk and before I get too far behind I thought I'd post some images from the last two weekends.

November 5, 2017. I was still questioning weather or not this was our friend Eric The Duck (go back to spring, you'll see).

Is this the mallard drake known as Eric?
 Baccharis pilularis (Dwarf Coyote Brush)
Baccharis pilularis (Dwarf Coyote Brush), close-up
Female Calypte anna
Heteromeles arbutifolia (Toyon)
Gulf fritillary on baja fairy dustrer-

Senna bicapsularis

November 11, 2017. I'm confident now, this is Eric T. Duck. Last year he had what appeared to us to be a severely injured leg. So much so we considered finding a way to help him. He still has a distinctive limp. Meanwhile we continue to wait on Docken duck and wonder what became of her ducklings from spring.

Leptotes marina on Westringia

Okay, just about to head out. Hopefully we'll find something new and exciting on this beautiful afternoon. Thanks for coming along!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Today's walk report: 110417, this is cute


Take a look at the previous walk report. We didn't spot this on the way out today but coming back home, there it was... Somebody added to my "I love Doc" sidewalk graffiti. It's a little worn but I think you can make it out, it says, "Doc loves you too" with arrows pointing to my earlier message. We have no idea who wrote this but it was pretty darn special to see. (click for a larger image)

Monday, October 30, 2017

Today's walk report: 103017, finally fall?

Last couple of days of October and it looks like it might finally be fall for real in SoCal. Two days ago we were still pushing 100º f. Yesterday's high was about 78º and right now at 1:30 PM it's a pleasant 65º. Tomorrow is Halloween, so..... BOO!

Along with the higher temps come fewer walks or walks that mostly amount to getting them over and done with but there has been some picture taking. Here are some from walks taking place between October 8 and October 22.

The black phoebe (Sayornis nigricans) is a passerine bird in the tyrant-flycatcher family.

Some kids apparently left chalk on the sidewalk and some big kid decided to write this.

Phoebis sennae, the cloudless sulphur or cloudless giant sulphur.

A western fence lizard, (Sceloporus occidentalis).

There's not a lot of certainty yet but we think this might be Eric Duck. Eric Duck has a gimpy leg so we need to see him walk around a bit. Anyway, it's a first duck sighting for the fall...

 and Doc has been expecting this so she had duck food.

This is Junonia coenia aka, the common buckeye butterfly. Doc was anxiously calling me over for this beauty since she hadn't recalled seeing one before. I haven't seen one either since October 2014.

Vanessa cardui or painted lady butterflies were enjoying the lantana blooms.

With wings open it's the easiest to tell the difference between Vanessa cardui and the very similar Vanessa annabella (West Coast lady). The larger area of white spots at the top edge of the forewing are orange on Vanessa annabella, not white as seen below.

Agraulis vanillae aka the Gulf fritillary or passion butterfly shows off the silvery white underside of its wings while resting on Calliandra californica (Baja fairy duster).

Happy Halloween everybody!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Today's walk report: 100117, Become, Seem, Appear

Become, Seem, Appear...

I was going to go with a different title but I just saw the above as a song title in my music library* and it struck me as being appropriate for this post. We left for a walk at about 7:45 A.M., it was cool and overcast. It was gray. It actually looked like fall, which it is, but the look and feel of autumn isn't something to count on at the beginning of October in SoCal. It wasn't a great morning for taking pictures... unless you really looked close. So that's what I did.

The first image is what most people see walking along (and even then you have to pay attention). The second image is what you see if you look closely, sometimes very closely.

 Last one and I forgot to take a full shot for this. That whole idea was an afterthought. This is kind of in between anyway so you can probably figure it out.

Once again, thanks for coming along. It's been swell having you on board. Think peace.

* Become, Seem, Appear is from the album, Oregon, In Concert 1975. Look it up, it's great music.