Sunday, November 11, 2018

Today's walk report: 111118

California is on fire (again).


There was virtually no walking. Walking around was a bad idea. However, we did see people, jogging, bicycling and walking. A few were wearing respirator masks (still crazy) but most were not (really whacko).

This is the Woolsey Fire. There appeared to have been two small flare-ups that just started as we pulled into a parking lot. In less than 200 yards and the time it took to park the car, there were three spots and a lot more smoke. I don't ever recall flames coming so close into the Valley. This fire and others throughout California this week have been a real tragedy. To top things off idiot #45 had to say some really wrong shit about a horrible situation.

As the crow flies we were just a little over 5 miles away from the flames here. This was the first shot I took. There are three flare-ups in the image.

This is the same shot zoomed in.

This is a five image panorama taken 7 minutes later.

I believe this is a Grumman (Conair) CS2F Turbo Firecat.

Later... Grumpy Bird is feeling pretty grumpy. Besides all of the tragedy and heartache for so many humans, think of the terror for the animals. In all probability this was all about some human fucking up.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Today's walk report: 110418

Lizard's regret.

Hopefully we're finishing up the really, for sure, last and final heat wave of the year here in SoCal. We've had temps up to 94ยบ over the past few days and it has gotten pretty tiring.

Meanwhile, pictures from today...

This little fellow came right up, knowing Docken had bird food.
This is the same Calypte anna's hummingbird in other recent walk reports. He's just looking a lot more mature now.

A Northern flicker woodpecker who was quite evasive.
 Here are a couple of reminders to vote democrat.

 and one more.

Docken spotted this fellow. We haven't seen an egret for some time now. He was stalking lizards and he got one.

In a flash, he's got it. (Click the image so you can see better).

Here's the tail end of the story.

I'll leave you with a sunset from last night. We drove for this one.