Saturday, January 25, 2014

Today's walk report: 012514

From gloom to bloom.

Yesterday I mentioned the weather was gray and dismal and not the good kind of gray and dismal which brings rain, just dreary. Today was much different. I knew before I left the house that a detour to a vantage point for the sunset would be in order and I equipped myself accordingly (I brought a 2nd lens.)

Before getting to that...

Okay, it's a boring western fence lizard and not even a very good photo but here's the deal... It's January 25th! It's winter or it's supposed to be. These critters should be hibernating. I saw two.

Maybe a yellow rumped warbler, close enough anyway. It kept hopping around inside this bush and was a little aggravating to get a picture of.

Same bird, different angle. This is why the ID thing is hard.

The other day I took a photo of male Anna's hummingbird #1 from the back and called it a butt shot. Here's #1 again and a real butt shot.

Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui).

One of my donkey friends. The donkeys seem to get a much better deal than the horses do. At least they get to roam some of the time.

Finally, sunset. I did a shortcut to the cross country course because I thought I was getting late. It turned out I had plenty of time. Anyway because of that I'll guesstimate the walk at 8 km. It was a really pleasant walk with a killer album list-- U.K. (Danger Money), Steely Dan (Katy Lied), Led Zeppelin (I) and Brand X (Masques.) Thanks for coming along.

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