Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Today's walk report: 010114

Happy new year!

Man, am I beat! I don't go in for year end craziness any more in my life but I did happen to stay up for the new year last night, watching a movie and enjoying a fire in the fireplace with my cat Lucy. I figured even if I had gone to bed at a normal time I would have been awoken with fireworks at midnight. The fact is, I would have been awoken by sirens wailing from EMT ambulances at 11:04 PM until about 11:15. Seemingly 3 or 4 different groups of emergency vehicles flying by all about the same time. Personally, I've seen bad stuff go down on new year's eve in my past. I'm not going to be a part of that in my present. When the clock struck midnight and of course well before and well after, it wasn't just firecrackers and whistling fireworks, it was full blown explosions. It's a mentality I find beyond idiotic.

This makes sense to me...

Anyway, last time I looked at the clock before drifting off to sleep it was 1:30 AM. Lucy T. Cat had come out from wherever she went to hide during the major explosions and was curled up next to me in bed, twitching away in her kitty dreams. She also decided I needed to get up at 6:20 AM and walked up and down on me until I did. Turns out she had a 1st furball of 2014 hacked up and waiting for me on the living room carpet. That also meant an empty tummy and she wanted her AM treat. I at least made her wait for me getting some coffee brewing.

5 hours sleep. That doesn't cut it for me these days. I was dragging on the walk something serious but I still managed to do 8.79 km. At the top of the hill and pointing toward home I checked the time, 4:22 and decided not to prolong things by trying to wait for the 1st sunset of 2014 and headed home. Sunset was 4:57.

Before all that...

The 1st episode of critters not caring about my presence. These two hares were actually too close to me for me to focus, I had to lean back. Minimum focus is 1.5 meters.

This fellow drove me nuts for awhile, hopping from one lamppost to the next as I approached never giving me a very good opportunity to get focus in flight. That's what I was hoping for, a nice in flight closeup. I think it was the 4th hop between 3 lampposts that it decided it was just going to ignore me and stay put. I even slapped my hand against the hollow metal lamppost many times trying to encourage it to take flight again but it simply did not care.

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