Saturday, August 31, 2019

Today's walk report: 083119

Goodbye August, hello September...

It hasn't been an especially hot summer as summers go in this part of SoCal. However, it's been hot enough and it has also been rather humid. We left early, just before 8 AM or should I say, we left at 69º f and 71% humidity. We arrived in the garden at 74.6º and 61% humidity, and we walked home at 78º and 54% humidity. As I type it's 86º and 40% humidity. You may be different but when I walk miles in that I get drippy and sticky. But it was nice to be out with my girl, Docken and take some pictures.

Here's what I got.

A cabbage white butterfly on Salvia uliginosa.

This is the same male Calypte Anna hummingbird I took pictures of on my last walk report in the same olive tree.

This female Annas might just be his future mate? She's watching him.

Female rufous hummingbirds (Selasphorus rufus) were plentiful today.

The rufous hummingbirds always show up when the Salvia darcyi (red mountain sage) plants are tall and in full bloom. At some 2,000 miles they have the longest migration route of all North American hummingbirds.

This California scrub jay seemed to be spying on me.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Today's walk report: 081819

Close your eyes and look at me
I'll be standing by your side
In between the deep blue sea
And the sheltering sky
If we find no words to say
To the rhythm of the waves
Then we'll both surrender there
Walking on air *

Today's pictures...

Cabbage white butterfly (Pieris rapae) on lantana.

and move over for the Gulf fritillary or passion butterfly (Agraulis vanillae).

 A handsome male Calypte anna hummingbird chilling in the grape arbor.

The same bird perched upon an olive tree branch.

Another young male Anna's hummingbird on Salvia darcyi.

A  flame skimmer dragonfly (Libellula saturata).

This is the same  flame skimmer dragonfly under very different lighting conditions.

 Our parting shot is the young male Anna's hummingbird, once again. This time in cape honeysuckle.

* Lyrics from Walking on Air by King Crimson. I have been celebrating 50 years of King Crimson for several weeks now. Here's your chance to join me...

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Today's walk report: 080419

Peace - An End

Peace is a word
Of the sea and the wind
Peace is a bird who sings
As you smile
Peace is the love
Of a foe as a friend
Peace is the love you bring
To a child
Searching for me
You look everywhere
Except beside you
Searching for you
You look everywhere
But not inside you
Peace is a stream
From the heart of a man
Peace is a man, whose breath
Is the dawn
Peace is a dawn
On a day without end
Peace is the end, like death
Of the war

~Pete Sinfield / Robert Fripp~

Peace - An End 
King Crimson