Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Today's walk report: 111814

A big gap since my Halloween entry, pushing 3 weeks, here's what's happening...

We had been waiting for a strong confirmation for rain in order to plant wildflower seeds for spring. Coincidently, or perhaps intuitively, we had gone to a home garden center for firewood and soil amendment. It looked curiously gloomy out so I checked the weather forecast and lo and behold we had a 100% chance of rain for Halloween night. So... we got busy...
Docken and I ceremoniously toss the first seeds.

5 pounds of mixed seed and 5, 3 cubic foot bags of soil went down along with a great deal of cleanup  effort and we were ready for the rain!

A week later...

Seedlings, everywhere and more and more with each passing day. Here's the look as of this afternoon.

It's not much of a "lawn" right now but when you realize that each of those little sprouts is a flowering plant it becomes much more significant.

Photos from before the back issues and from a walk on 111514...

A flattened rose.
Bee on Senna bicapsularis.
Bee on Senna bicapsularis.
Missing ID.
Scarlet bugler, dying back.
Vanessa cardui on Lantana.
Waverly sage.
Changes 1.
Changes 2.

Curious about the garden? Here are some shots from last spring. Spring 2015 should be even nicer having based seed selection, for the most part, on what did the best this year.

Scarlet flax.
Plains coreopsis.
Papaver rhoeas.
Baby Snapdragon (Linaria maroccana).

The full effect...