Saturday, January 4, 2014

Today's walk report: 010414

What happens next is amazing!

Inside joke. That line came to mind after sitting here for 30 seconds going, duh..., for an opening line.

Nothing special today but I did catch a nice sunset tonight toward the end of a long walk. It was easily 11 km. Some people will see that and think it's nothing. Other's might not walk that in a week. For me that's a pretty decent trek and today it felt really great until... about the last 1 km. That's when a aggravating pain in my left ankle suddenly arose. It didn't really slow me down but it was a bitch for the home stretch. I think I've probably mentioned here before but I'll mention again that I suffer from what is known as chronic ankle instability or even more simplistically, weak ankles. I was told as a kid this is genetic and that my father also suffered from weak ankles. I'll probably wrap that ankle tomorrow if it's still pestering me.

Here's a few pics then I'm hitting the shower, having some soup and flopping the couch with my cat for a movie.

I was trying to get a shot off before they moved this close into the sun but tracking and focus was a tad slow.

My two crow friends again. These birds are inseparable. Did you know that crows mate for life? Well apparently they do.

The sunset did ultimately go pink but by the time I left this hill I had already been out for two hours and I didn't feel like waiting it out to see.

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