Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Today's walk report: 012214

Busy day.

In the A.M. I went crazy on some ancient ficus overgrown monsters which surround my back patio and on the other end an overhanging tree from the neighbor west of me. This just to get each of these off the roof and hopefully curtail an annoying opossum's expressway across the rock roof here every night. Maybe it will cut down of the squirrel's daytime drag races too. Annoying varmints. I've also got 3 or 4, I believe feral, cats to deal with. I'm not sure they've been using the roof at night but at times whatever is up there sounds like they're moving faster than I've seen opossums move. The trimming was done with loppers that must've been made shortly after WWII. They weigh a ton and I was reaching beyond where I should have been. It was one of those, "gonna feel this next morning" things.

This is nothing compared to the patio end.


Other than that I took care of several to dos...

Speaking of animals, I bet this guy is a real winner...

What self-respecting woman would get in that car? Hopefully no one does.

The walk was 7.39 km. I felt mostly like getting it done but it was a good walk. I got some "more of the same" photos of male Anna's #1 so won't bother to post.

Otherwise, there was stuff like this...

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