Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello, Frank Zappa!

 I have mentioned this story elsewhere in the past. I'm mentioning it here to see if it finally gets some attention from someone who knows because I'm not entirely sure where I got this story and as a huge fan of Frank Zappa and the music of Frank Zappa---I think it's a great story.
Zappa's "rock opera," Joe's Garage is about a lot of stuff as it relates to a rock and roll band, things that take place on the road, free will and censorship. It contains a favorite song of Frank's, Watermelon In Easter Hay.
Since it's here and if you don't know anything about Frank you don't know this is really sort of a sacred song (meaning I'm surprised it's here.) The story I heard and I have never been able to find it again was... Frank was on his death bed, requested to have this playing or it was already, he asked for a coke, raised it slightly in the air and said... "things go better with coke." I want to believe that story because it works so well. Hello Frank Zappa. :-)