Friday, January 31, 2014

Today's walk report: 013114

There goes January.

A twelfth of the year shot already. Damn. Lately I've been losing track of time over the course of hours. Today I looked at a clock at 1 PM and just stared at it thinking that can't be possible. So I asked someone... is that clock right?! Yep.

It's not that I'm losing my focus. I'm simply focused on other things. Things which transcend time. I've been losing track of time but neither losing time nor wasting it.

Anyway, today for my walk I ran an errand. A more precisely I had a task to accomplish which took me somewhere. I wrote before that there are errands and there are walks which have a purpose. If I'm over 5 km it's a walk, even if the purpose is really because I have to go somewhere and do something. Today was an errand but it was a special one. I'm not getting into it either so just take my word for it.

As a detour however, I went to two stores trying to find a croakie like the one I already have on my sunglasses. I went to a CVS pharmacy and had to wonder about the placement of various glasses/sunglasses...

I mean, you're shitting me right? You really need to have glasses spread out over 7 different (that I discovered) locations throughout the store?

No croakies. At least I couldn't find any. After that I went to a Big 5 and they did have croakies but not the kind I like. Also, their price was too high. So I wandered home taking an extended route but it still didn't constitute a walk.

I'm not sorry that this is boring, just so you know.

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