Thursday, January 9, 2014

Today's walk report: 010914

Operation Fortitude.

Or something like that. Until the last minute, 4:45 PM, I had absolutely no intention of going for a walk. I figure right about that hour 72 hours earlier is when my 1st symptoms of this cold I'm fighting started. I still don't think it's a big deal but today was the worst of it. I did virtually nothing all day aside from basic daily house chores, getting showered (that was rough to get to but great once I got in) and a bunch of noodling on the computer. Until my noodling application decided to freeze on me, locking up the computer for several minutes. That's when I realized sleep would be my best option moving forward. I had been operating like some sort of Pavlovian experiment for hours. Onto the couch, stereo playing in front, cat hopping up in my lap to join the snooze and from 1:50 to 4:35 it was music and a nap. I can't say I felt any better when I got up but within minutes I knew I had to do some sort of walk. There's this creeping void otherwise.

Random Doodle
I ended up walking out determined to do the short southbound neighborhood walk I mentioned on Tuesday. That's 3.18 km. At the return to home coordinate I considered doing more but I had rushed out and didn't grab a flashlight. Those streets don't have much in the way of streetlights, that neighborhood has fought streetlights and sidewalks since its creation in the 50s. As it turns out there's also a pretty mean wind that started blowing right about when I got back home. I think 3.18 km was good enough all things considered.

It felt good. I was glad I went. My mind goes elsewhere when I walk. Unless there's something overwhelmingly uncomfortable physically going on, like unrelenting foot pain, I can transcend the physical on my walks. For most of 3.18 km I didn't realize I had a cold anymore.

Besides I got to see who was tardy in getting their Christmas decorations down.

Or trashed...

Santa's lost his way.

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