Friday, January 24, 2014

Today's walk report: 012414

It's fun; baseball's fun.
~Yogi Berra~

I said I was going to do this last year but now for 2014, baseball, specifically, Dodger's baseball, is going to be very much removed from me. This because the Los Angeles Dodger's finally sold out to cable television. I don't subscribe to cable television. For the most part, I have no reason to do so.

The local Community college baseball field is precisely 1.4 km into my regular campus walk. Games are free. As you can see, I'd also have a great vantage point. I really like the game of baseball, I'm just not quite sure I like it enough to get into a Jr. college game but we'll see. I'm going to download their schedule.

The garden wasn't too exciting today. Again, just the usual suspects. Which is fine if I hang around along enough to get a really good shot or two off but I didn't feel like it. It was a very gray, rather dismal looking day. I like gray and dismal but only if it's going to rain. That doesn't appear to be something we're going to get in the near future.

Northern Mockingbird

Again, male Anna's #1, listening to my rather lame hummingbird call. I know what the bird sounds like for the most part and I get his attention.

The Prairie falcon (Falco mexicanus) has pretty much taken over as the regular attraction in these trees, top of the hill, at sunset. It had been a tradition held by two crows for the last 3+ years. I don't think the crows like hanging around with this one. This shot was an experiment to see if my flash could carry up this tree. It was 21.7 meters and it just barely added some light onto the bird and creeped out its eye. Most of the adjustments here were done in Photoshop.

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