Sunday, January 19, 2014

Today's walk report: 011914

The universe is talking...

about the sunsets on the planet earth.

But 1st, the walk to get there. I struggled today. I was sluggish and a little achy. I worked in the yard in the late AM but I think I was struggling with that too. I'm not sure what was up with that. I didn't have my regular two cups of strong coffee in the morning. In fact I had only about 1/2 cup of some really weak coffee. Maybe that was it. As it turned out I struggled on the walk all the way to the top of the hill and I hit a vending machine for a Mountain Dew, Code Red which has the regular caffeine jolt of ordinary Mountain Dew but is favored a rather sickening sweet cherry. Anyway, it did the trick and got me motivated to make it to the other side of the hill, to the cross country course to await the sunset. It seemed apparent early on we were in for a doozy.

In the garden. It was only male Anna's #1. I saw only one other hummingbird but it zipped past me way too fast for an ID.

I didn't hang out there too long, just one quick lap. I was already preoccupied with getting a soda and finding a caffeine buzz.

That kicked in before I got up to the switchbacks on the CC course, I sat, listened to music and watched the show.

The geese were everywhere.

There was a whole bunch of commotion going on off to the north too with LAPD in the air and on the ground and LAFD paramedics moving in ground level too. I turned the music up.


I walked up and down the path of the switchbacks marveling at the setting sun and looking for alternate angles. I was shooting vertical and horizontal panoramics all at 70mm since I only brought a 70-300mm lens.

This is 12 vertical images stitched,

and this is 3 horizontal images stitched.

That's it. I was fine all the way home and feel pretty good right now too. Now it's time for a movie and some couch potato non-activity. Thanks for looking at the sunset with me.

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