Thursday, January 16, 2014

Today's walk report: 011614

Picking up the pace.

I did the southbound neighborhood walk today sans camera. In fact I don't know where my point and shoot camera is. Hopefully I'll find it in the car. If you think you might know where I left it please advise. Thanks.

I haven't done this walk since just before the Christmas holiday. As soon as the nearby community college lets out for the holidays that's my preferred route. They are currently having a "Winter Interterm." The enrollment for which has so far been okay for me to deal with. I just don't like walking the campus when it's congested with students and I especially don't like the additional traffic.

8.25 km, about 81º when I left the house. This room I'm in was 83º and I had the A/C on for about 15 minutes because it was getting uncomfortable. It's supposed to be winter, not like we ever really get much of a winter but this is ridiculous. The walk was nice and I tested myself a little. I think the bronchial post cold misery is going down a notch every day now.

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