Monday, January 6, 2014

Today's walk report: 010614

Blew it again.

The wind that is, blew my sunset photo op right out of the sky.

When I left I was expecting something like this to be lit up brightly by the setting sun.

That didn't happen. The wind picked up blowing all of that away in minutes with little more blowing in. I'm about an hour away to sunset at this point.

Meanwhile to kill some of that hour I stopped in here. I really don't know what to make of this. How this could have become a "historical landmark" is beyond me. It probably takes an act of congress to get rid of this mess. Here, read the plaque...

I think maybe the guy was a pervert personally...

Doesn't she look a little like Jerry Mahoney?

Repairing any of this or even a little paint job is obviously out of the question. Here's the one-armed prostitute an the gun-toting alcoholic.

Really odd proportions...

Perhaps it's just me but this seems rather racist.... and people were supposed to take their children here and explain this how?

Time to move on... I had also decided I was going to detour, exiting from the backside of campus, ultimately being 400-500 meters southwest of where I typically take sunset photos from, thinking that might be a nice change. It wouldn't have been. I didn't pre-visualize very well but this is about all the view I had--and again, nothing stunning for the sunset. I kept going.

Their was the "wall of bougainvillea," maybe the nice idea of a previous owner of the house on the other side but way out of hand at this point and of course nobody maintains he mess on the walkway or the street. I Photoshopped out a bunch of litter.

Top of that road coming down I could see I missed the other side of sunset where the sky did light up nicely. Now I know better but it was a nice walk.

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