Friday, November 8, 2013

Today's walk report: 110813

Sometimes it's good to alternate shoes when walking or running...

Other times it's not. Today it was not. Oh well.

This could come in handy for someone? I'll tell you one thing, squirrels love to get a hold of t-paper for their nests.

Not much to write about. I mentioned this once before, for anyone tuned into the continuing saga of Green Lynx Spider #1 and her nest, I'll show you something.

Here she is just above and slightly behind her nest...

and here's her reaction when I blow slightly on her and the nest.

Quite the good mom protecting her future babies. Hopefully she's not one of those insects that eats a bunch of them after they hatch.

Leucadendron. It looked nice and I knew I wasn't getting a lot of pictures today.

Tagetes lemmonii, aka Copper Canyon daisy.

Sunset and a little sunsetting story. I was walking around the hill shortly before this. I went down to the teacher's parking lot doing a big circle, top of the hill and wound up getting a soda from a vending machine. A Mountain Dew if you must know. Anyway, as I was coming down an art teacher was driving up past me and waved. I thought, look at this, is she flirting with me? So I waved back and smiled. As I rounded the parking area pointing in the direction she was headed I suddenly realized she wasn't waving at all but was merely blocking the blinding setting sun from her view. My ego--shattered.

The glow? There was a fire somewhere. Last thing I'd ever watch on TV would be local news but I smelled smoke earlier and the air looking north was pretty darn brown.

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