Sunday, November 24, 2013

Today's walk report: 112413

You know what I like about football?
It makes Sunday walks even more peaceful than they are without it.

Painted lady looking both bedraggled and plump. Maybe she's just looking for that spot to lay her eggs so she can say goodbye. Adult Vanessa cardui butterflies only live for two weeks.

I went to check on the green lynx spider (no, still no babies--I'm actually starting to worry for a spider) and while I had the close up attachment still on I saw this hoverfly on the Mexican bush sage just in front of me. I figure the spider is getting rather boring at this point so...

Aperture at f13 trying to compensate for the short DOF with the close-up attachment, not quite fast enough on the shutter though for this shot but I was sort of impressed to see how long the hoverfly's legs actually are.

The young falcon again, mentioned here, today on the other side of the street from top of the hill so I went over there and it got spooked on my approach...

I couldn't get focus quick enough in flight as it flew to where I was and where I usually see it. I will continue in my effort to get a good shot someday.

Yesterday I mentioned some geese getting past me before I got a shot off. Today I saw this small flock coming well in advance.

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