Sunday, November 3, 2013

Today's walk report: 110313

A race against the clock.

Clocks went back an hour last night which means a process of adjusting in a few ways. One of which will be trying to get out before 3:30 instead of before 4:30. My 1st photo was at 4:26 PM... so I guess I was out the door about 4:10 PST. I don't get along with this messing with the clock business too well.

Anyway, I was losing light quick. I put my Canon 500D closeup attachment on the 70-300mm, went with that and only snapped some flowers. Right now I have to get off this computer. I'm getting some carpal-tunnel-like symptoms on my right arm from a lot of precise mouse movement so I need to chill out on that.

1/2 of these are focus stacks consisting of a few to as many as 10 images, the rest are just single shot snapshots.

I don't know what this is, maybe some sort of coreopsis. This is a fairly tall shrub, 4' +, just starting to bloom. Which seems early... a reminder to myself to look it up from pics last year.

A pink sage, I think I have the name recorded somewhere... I'll look it up later.

The same...

Another no ID.

Red Mountain Sage, aka, Fiery Sage (Salvia darcyi).

I know this one from my sister's blog the other day (see I pay attention), Senna (Cassia) bicapsularis.

Tecoma Stans.

I assume this is a Callistemon. That flower is tiny, at best 3cm long.

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