Saturday, November 2, 2013

Today's walk report: 110213

In a hurry...

To get this done tonight so I can eat, relax and watch a movie.

Not a lot of action today. If I take a picture of a squirrel it's pretty dismal. It just seemed so quiet out and this guy was sitting there like, take my picture... so OK.

Lots of post-Halloween pumpkins left in the patch. I suspect they will stay there and get turned back into the soil. Maybe some will hit the "farm store" which is right behind this field for Thanksgiving. If I had a lion or perhaps a tiger I might have thought about nabbing one. (Thanks, D.O. for that link.)

Hey Nineteen.

I'm not sure if they were following, chasing or perhaps it was merely circumstance but these cowbirds flew behind this Peregrine falcon for quite some distance including a wide turn away from me. The falcon was certainly outnumbered. I've also seen crows act aggressively toward Red-tailed hawks on a few occasions during my walks.

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