Friday, November 1, 2013

Today's walk report: 110113

I spent most of my day waiting for the next round of watering the grounds here. I put 2 lb of wildflower seed down on Monday and today we hit a high of 87.4ยบ, yes that's right on November 1. So I was out about every 1.4 hours with a hose front, back and side yards. You don't want to saturate but you need to keep the soil moist and I'm hoping I did OK because when I got back from my walk not long after sunset the ground closet to the street seemed pretty dry.

Onto the walk. I got to this house about .5 km in and everybody here was gathered together along side where you see the the camper, only the camper wasn't there. This is a shot from Google Earth. The woman who owns the house stopped me, she was also on the phone, she asked me if I had seen anything. Unbelievable as it sounds someone stole that camper in broad daylight today. The thing is about 20' long. It's frightening really. I hope they catch the culprits.

The egret was fishing for crawdads again when I got to the garden.

I was a little amused at this catch because she (that's my assumption) got this one and immediately threw it back. Maybe it was too big?

In other news, green lynx spider # 2 appears to have completed her mission with no signs of her or her babies, just an empty nest.

and green lynx spider # 1 continues to protect her nest and coddle her unhatched eggs. I thought it was really interesting how she has tied up those four leaf fingers to protect the eggs and her from the wind. Nature is brilliant.

Thanks again for coming along!

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