Friday, November 22, 2013

Today's walk report: 112213

Oh shit, it's Friday!

No, not TGIF but rather OSIF. I knew it was Friday, most of the day anyway. However once again I rushed to get out the door, this after lying down for about 1/2 hour and listening to music with the cat sleeping in my lap. Once I dumped her (gently) I began to hurry-hurry to prepare myself except I wasn't preparing for the right walk. To make things worse I didn't realize this until I was about 3 km into my Monday-Thursday walk. That's when I said, oh shit it's Friday. I looked at the sky and decided I was going to catch the sunset from my regular Friday sunset location, went to the end of the block and turned around for home so I could get the camera which accompanies me on weekend walks.

Once I got home and checked the sky again it was obvious that I wasn't going to make the hill on the college campus by sunset if I resumed walking. So I grabbed the camera and drove. I know, wtf, huh?!?

I decided to turn into the stadium parking and hike up to the cross country course, take some pictures and make a go of walking some of the course.

There were some other clumsy bits of nonsense along the way too but you'd have to have been there. The music somehow kept things in balance for me. It fit the goal of the sunset quite well anyway. The music was Yes, Tales From Topographic Oceans... So, all about the sunset... Nous somme du soleil.

A few of these images were based on different crops of the largest panorama (4th image down) which consisted of 9 stitched shots totaling a little less than 20,000 pixels wide. Most of the crops are CinemaScope, 2.55:1 and one is 16:9. Or something like that, after awhile it all melds together in my head. This took awhile.

Tomorrow is SATURDAY... please make a note of it. Thanks for joining me on me walk(s) today.

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