Friday, November 29, 2013

Today's walk report: 112913


Good smells for the most part once I got away from a very modest number of people scurrying about in their automobiles. It rained a little today. It wasn't much rain. I checked inches recorded just before leaving for the walk and came up with .05". But it did clean the air and I caught a rainbow from my window here shortly before leaving.

On the walk, entering the garden I saw a rainbutton, which is much like a rainbow except it looks more like a button.

Onto the smells.

In the garden I found myself gravitating towards fresh smelling somethings. I'm not quite sure it was anything in particular though. I mean, there were smells I couldn't specify. Maybe it was a bunch of stuff simply coming together in the cool crisp air.

There are lots of sages and while flowers are a bit sparse right now sages still pretty much smell like sages without them.

There's also a lot of prostrate rosemary around contributing to the smells.

Crowea 'Pink Star', It will get pink too, come spring. I don't think it has any distinctive order I just happened to take a picture. I'll tell you what, I'll stick my nose in it tomorrow.

There are several different eucalyptus on the Aussie native side of the garden. Those help add to the pleasant smell.

This certainly wasn't contributing anything positive to the olfactory experience. What is it about so many cigarette smokers thinking the world is their ashtray? Besides, there's no smoking in the garden or on the campus in general except in a few designated places. That's another thing--smokers think they have this right to defy the reasons behind these regulations. I used to smoke, I know... and it's bullshit.

Anyway, I took in a general appreciation for how great it smelled out there today. I didn't do well once I headed up the hill to catch the sunset however. The hillside declines on the other side of the street I take and on that side is cow pasture. There are only 12 cows left on the campus but that's enough. The wet cow poop oder really seemed heightened today too.

Sunset was spectacular.

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