Thursday, November 21, 2013

Today's walk report: 112113

Somebody get the phone!!

I'm going to try to make this brief especially since nobody cares. I have been complaining about the weather and unfulfilled predictions of rain ever since I put down 2 lb of wildflower seeds on my property on October 28th. Complaining mostly because I've had to water everyday sometimes as many as 6 times a day so the seed would germinate and get healthy enough before slowing down on the H2O. Until today.

Today it rained. Mostly during the night. When I should have been sleeping. But no, instead from about 11:45 PM I was waking and looking at the clock every 1/2 hour. I think I went to bed about 11:15. Sometime after midnight I was waking looking at the clock and scratching the head of Lucy The Cat. Lucy had parked just to the left of my head until we both got up--at 4 AM! I could not figure out why I couldn't sleep or wouldn't stay asleep, until I tried to take a nap in the afternoon. I went to the living room couch and lied down with music on the stereo. I was tired, without question. However, I became acutely aware of something I was only moderately annoyed about before attempting the 20 winks. My tinnitus. I think it's the same pitch I always have but it had gotten louder, certainly more irritating over the last few days. It suddenly crossed my mind that it might be due to the change in barometric pressure. I did some cursory research in the Internet since my iPad was sitting right next to the couch and sure enough a lot of people have this problem. I've had tinnitus since I experienced a "sudden loss of hearing" (that's what Drs call it) back in the end of 2007 but I never noticed it becoming more pronounced with changes in the weather. Until now. This was going on a couple other times of late when we were borderline on rain too. I even started trying an antihistamine/decongestant about 10 days ago because I read that might help and I sensed it would. It's done little so it's off the remedy list. If you're wondering, it didn't effect my sleep either. Now with an actual storm coming in it seems to corroborate the theory.

So that sucks.

Here's what it looked like on my walk. The walk was lovely too. It also provided my 1st real relief from the ringing because of music from the iPod tending to cancel it out. However, even with the music I noticed this ringing at times where I normally would not. It's around 7 kHz if you're curious.

Weather report: Right now the prediction is, thunderstorms in the area are spotty. Showers with a possible thunderstorm early evening, then variable clouds overnight with still a chance of showers. Showers are also predicted for tomorrow. While I love the rain it will be interesting to see if my tinnitus adjusts once the atmospheric pressure gets back to normal.

I'll leave you with 7 kHz... (the cat just left the room)

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