Saturday, November 16, 2013

Today's walk report: 111613

Two things I took on my walk I didn't need.

We had a predicted 20% chance of rain and it did look ominous out there. Then I walked out the door is was mostly gray and cool. So I brought a plastic garbage bag and wore a hoodie just in case it did rain. Both the hoodie and the bag being for the camera's sake. With a walk low temperature of 58.7ยบ, I don't need to be wearing a sweatshirt. Unless I want to sweat and I ended up doing plenty of that. 

This was the third cold front in 30 days, with predictions ranging from 10%-40% chance of rain, that has fizzled. All we got was .01" rainfall on 10/29. Nevertheless I had to figure Murphy might show up if I wasn't prepared.

These off weather predictions are really becoming a drag too. Will this be another one for this coming Thursday? is currently saying to expect this...

While the National Weather Service (NOAA) is saying...

Thursday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 68.

What's with the descrepancy here? Why can't there at least be a consensus? What's all that bunk I see on NOVA about all this advanced satellite technology for predicting weather patterns?

Anyway, it was a really nice walk. I felt great. I wish I had gotten out a little earlier and I probably would have walked a good deal more.

Here's the basic look I saw for the duration of the walk.

I wondered if I always think about the egret being there or if I had some sort of psychic intuition that  the egret was going to be in the pond before I looked. Probably the former but I did think egret before seeing it. The bird makes zero noise, it's really quite stealth so that's not it.

I've seen these guys a few times now and two of these planes were part of a walk report on 1/20/13, before it was part of this blog.

Here's the shot from 1/20. This was seriously cropped, The planes in today's shot were actually much lower and closer than they were here.

I was sitting on a bench in the garden for several minutes waiting for a lone hummingbird to hopefully feed on the Mexican bush sage directly in front of me. It never did but this fatty sparrow showed up.

I made my way up to the hilltop about 25 minutes later than yesterday, did a quick 1 km around its perimeter and headed home.

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