Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today's walk report: 110713

I don't remember...

what I was thinking to write about. It honestly just slipped away from me and soon as I sat down in front of this computer and saw this...

I scanned over from that to see my mounted devices and my backup drive is missing from my desktop... AND it's not powered up AND after it gets powered up it still won't mount AND I have this program called Drive Genius which doesn't seem to know shit about it.

OK, I walk on some glass here with just a 2 TB drive for backup but there's another system here and a couple of "archived drives" with stuff backed up on them... to a point. Unfortunately, there are some "extras" on the down drive besides it being a backup to my system drive. Anyway, I won't get into all of the intricacies over the risks I take with regard to redundancy or a lack thereof. Funny thing I was just lecturing a friend yesterday about his precarious position not having his system backed up. Next step is to mount this drive in another case and see if I can recover the data which is aside from the data the drive itself was dedicated to backing up and then ponder financing a replacement drive.

I do vaguely recall having a very pleasant walk. Oh and there was a beautiful sunset... maybe I should get away from here and rewind a little.

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