Sunday, November 10, 2013

Today's walk report: 111013

Fuzzy things.

Starting with me. I had never heard of this before but last night I experienced it and it was scary. Micturition syncope, I'll let you follow the Wikipedia link and then I won't have to explain too much.  I will point out however that I was really pushing the situation because I wanted to get back to sleep and I made it back to bed and never actually lost consciousness. I was close though and I wonder if that's not more frightening because there's an instant in there where you muster up the thought--am I dying? I was so freaked out about it that once I felt comfortable I got up, grabbed a blanket, put the telephone next to me on the coffee table and went back to sleep with a light on in the living room. I didn't learn about micturition syncope until I researched in the AM. When something like this happens it makes me cautious and perhaps even prolongs some of the symptoms via paranoia that it's going to happen again or that there's still something there lingering. As it is I sometimes suffer from vertigo so I carry that around with me. This is how I felt to some degree during the walk--hence fuzzy.

Now fuzzy things on my walk...

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