Thursday, November 14, 2013

Today's walk report: 111413

Lost kitty?

I was flying again today but this slowed me down just short of the 1/2-way mark. This cat saw me coming and headed straight for me, meowing away. I think it was trying to tell me something. I think it was lost. I picked it up both to and fro to take it from the street, I could feel it's bones. The poor thing was way undernourished. I walk this street 4 days a week both up and down and have never seen this cat. It was reading me like a book too. I asked a couple of teenagers if they knew whose cat it was but apparently they didn't live on this street. I contemplated the dilemma I'd be in if I came back to get it. Tomorrow is a campus walk and it's a long diversion to this street but I think I'll visit this spot sometime tomorrow and see if she's still there. I'll bring some dry food. She has a collar but it's just an old plastic flea collar, no ID. Poor kitty.

I took note of my slower pace about a block from the cat and think that once I move from the flow of the music and the initial pace of the walk gets interrupted I lose it. I kept contemplating the cat. But I did well and made up some for yesterday by doing the regular 8.26 km M-Th walk p.d.q.

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