Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today's walk report: 103113


Short walk sort of forced upon me. I had to chop off 2 blocks at the 1/2 mark because some guy was running his lawnmower at the edge of his property but in the street! He was attempting to blow about 1/2" of dirt (mostly) and debris away from his house and into the street, onto neighbor's properties, other people's cars, etc. and was doing a pretty good job of making an airborne mess.

From that point it was a bunch of really discourteous drivers apparently in way too much of a hurry to get home for Halloween. So I decided to remove myself from the action.

I forgot the point and shoot camera. Some people have gone all out since yesterday with 3 houses creating "haunted house" type mazes in their front yards. One of them actually build a room on their driveway about 24' x 12'. There were also a lot more giant inflatable decorations and mechanical ghouls outside.

Me, I'm getting ready for the 5 or 6 kids that will come here and preparing my Halloween tradition to watch at least some of this on DVD... This is the whole show (despite copyrights) so if you want to join me here you go!

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