Friday, June 28, 2013

Today's walk report: 062813

Hot and miserable...

It was 96º and just about 7 PM when I left. By the time I was in the garden, slowing down to look for photo ops, I was soaked with perspiration. You can probably smell me from there. At 2:30 AM, this morning, that's 4 hours away I need to have gotten at least a couple hours sleep in because that's when I'm getting up for the start of the Tour de France. I'm watching that on an iPad, just as I did last year.

So... trying to get some images up quickly so I can get out of here. I'm sure some babble is forthcoming but for now just pictures. Okay, there's a little babble.

 Hand held 7 image focus stack using a flashlight for illumination.

Boxelder bug on milkweed.

Hot dog on a stick.

Flashlight so I could focus and get the camera to flash. When I first saw him/her I thought it was dead. Guess the heat was too much. It couldn't have cared less about me being there.

This is from one of the two rather miserable agapanthus stalks I got in front of the house out of many plants put in early spring.

Straw flower, batch #2.

Gold Star Esperanza (Tecoma stans)

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