Sunday, June 16, 2013

Today's walk report: 061613

Happy Father's Day!

I had an old friend, Larry, come by today and supervise me changing out a couple of garden hose bibs which should have been replaced about 30 years ago. Give or take a decade. It went smoothly, one of the faucets was a patch job from another era so I had some concern. Several applications of Liquid Wrench over the past week was probably a good idea. After that we flashbacked to 1974 and watched this...

Larry and I had a 1st rock concert experience together, along with some other pals from way back when, seeing Zappa/Mothers at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in 1973. "Token" is basically the same band lineup and contains some of the same material we saw performed.
Finishing this we were pushing into the 6 o'clock hour, parted ways, Larry went home and I grabbed my camera and headed out for my usual trek.

I am under the suspicion that these cacti, two of them each with one flower, are only flowering for a very short while. This is based on other similar cactus flowers I read about having a 2 or 3 day flowering. I still don't know what these cacti are but I wanted to take advantage of day 2 and get some stacked shots with my Canon 60mm, macro lens. One shot from yesterday is here.

Today's shot, 8 focus stacked images... Please click on that and look at it full size. Well, full size for here anyway.

Things were a bit more average after that. This is another no ID, Aussie native.

I'll come back to this in a day or two. These flowers are pointing down and are just a few inches above ground. I'll try and get something better once they open a little more. Then again they may have been closing for the day already. I'm going to try a late a.m. walk soon now with school out. For one I always miss the lotus flowers in the pond by the time I drop by.

(bee on Melaleuca-pallida)

Aloe elgonica.

Magnolia flower.

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