Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Today's walk report: 061913

Somebody trashed The White House!
or for the NSA...
<meta name="Somebody trashed The White House!">
I'll see how many views that gets me.

Another short and sweet walk. I have definitely made up for my overdoing it on Monday. Today about the same as yesterday I'd imagine but I haven't measured it. By the way for anybody who doesn't know you can use the Ruler > Path tool in Google Earth and make very precise measurements. I've tested it by measuring stuff like just a few yards on a football field, etc. It's pretty nifty.

Part of the reason the walk was short today was because it's take your garbage out to the street day in the adjacent neighborhood and since there's no sidewalk in that 'hood it means walking close to and in front of everybody's stinky garbage. Some people have some really fowl smelling garbage despite the mostly closed plastic cans provided by the city.

Then there was this discovery...

Yep, there it is, The White House (south face)... "Crafted in China." Because nobody knows the White House better than the Chinese. Wait, sorry, <meta name="nobody knows the White House better than the Chinese.">

The north face, for those keeping score.

and yes, this means I picked the thing up and carted it home. It's pretty darn heavy too. That was a reason for cutting the walk short but I dropped this off and did another mile or so.

I also decided to pick up the Life magazine that was under The White House, December 29, 1972 (50₵ -cheap). In fact I picked that up first and had walked back for The White House figuring I could milk the thing for this silly walk report. Notice how I never capitalize "walk report?" That's because it's not worthy.

I picked this up too because of some reminiscing today about the 70s and because it was "year in pictures." It isn't all that exciting though. It was on top of many more magazines, mostly Saturday Evening Posts, same era. I blurred the address label because it's the right thing to do and as it turns out... as I suspected from someone who lived on the 5900 block of my street (I live on the 6300 block) I believe I know who this family is... or was. The house was for sale by the way. One family member, if I have this right, was a FB friend of mine until I cleaned the cobwebs there one day. Anyway, I figure anybody who lived nearby from the mid 60s to mid 70s (or longer), there's a very good possibility I knew them, especially if they had a kid about my age.

The Godfather and lots of cigarette ads...


Nixon dining out...

Other news was the end of the Apollo program, Vietnam negotiations, virtually nothing on music 1/2 page on the "revitalization" of Jazz which hardly skimmable, the Munich Olympic tragedy, Mark Spitz going gold and Jim Ryan failing, Amin, baby boomers overpopulating the planet and a "whatever became of" section on a whole bunch of people I sure don't remember.

Back in the trash.

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