Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today's walk report: 061113

I am a camera...

New camera came today. I lost sleep over this decision but because of my issues with my 2-year old Canon T3i, realizing it wasn't something which was going to get fixed and feeling pretty miserable about not having a decent camera anymore, I plugged the plug and ordered a new one. For the first time in my life I also bought the 3-year "drops and spills" 3rd party warranty. It's a big expense for me, really... I'm trying to be ultra-conservative about money right now. But I'm happy to be taking pictures again without compromising for the flaws produced by a permanently spotted sensor. Some of the story is here.

So, yeah... I took photos. Pretty much just getting the feel for the camera. Originally I was going to get the same model I had which is a Canon T3i but the more I thought about it the less sense it made. The T3i now being two generations removed from the current Canon top of the consumer lineup, the T5i. Since the T5i was $50 less than it's predecessor the T4i I went with the T5i. I might point out some differences in future posts but right now I'm going to get some pics up and then relax. It's been a long day.

I started about 30 feet out the front door. I couldn't wait to take a picture...

One thing, I wasn't going to point out if I'm focusing stacking or not... However, I'll mention, the T3i shoots a burst of 3.7 fps. The T5i shoots bursts at 5 fps. That difference immediately felt huge.

The last image and this one too, I don't have an ID on. Both are in what has been designated as the Australian native section of the garden.

Return of the Kangaroo paws. I was intentionally shooting stuff I've shot before.

I have frequently looked for a chair so I could prop myself close to something to shoot or a particualar spot to wait (usually for hummingbirds.) This is going a lot farther than I ever hoped for.

 Stink bug walking cautiously.

 One at a time?

Cactus Uranus.

Into The Lens by Yes.

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