Saturday, June 22, 2013

Today's no walk report: 062213

It happened, no walk.

At least not so far and it's 8:30 PM. Here's the deal. I got a late start this morning and I had all sorts of aspirations to get a lot more done today than I ended up doing. Nevertheless, I did a lot. There was  morning yard work, quite a bit of it and once my clothes were drenched in perspiration I moved inside to take on the room I'm sitting in right now. This room was originally two rooms separated by a retaining wall. They were my sister's and my childhood bedrooms. Mine was the one which continues to have the bed. I had a cutaway of about 7' x 7' put into the wall. Even as one room it did not accommodate the chosen objects I moved from an 850 square ft. apartment I had been living in for 14 years. This despite my discarding an incredible amount of crap before the move.

It looks like this in the "big picture." Sort of, this was taken July 06, 2011, two days after me and my cat Lucy officially moved in. I don't see the big picture anymore. I see a bunch of cluttered spaces. That's what I'm trying to fix.

Most people who will read this any time soon probably already know that I came back to my childhood home, primarily, to take care of my parents. I had been coming here 6 days a week anyway to help with my step father's care after him coming home from what I felt was an exorbitantly high-cost, minimal care, rehab facility when he was recovering from a broken hip. He wasn't repairing too well. It quickly became evident that the best thing for me to do was to move back in and basically become a 24/7 caregiver. I also had 3 years already of struggling with the job market in a faltering economy so that made it a smart move economically--I suppose, you never know what's going to happen especially when push comes to shove. Nevertheless, I continue to struggle with this or I'm struggling again because now my mission has changed and while it's a major jump in the story... Both my parents are gone and once again my life is back to me. Or at least it's getting closer, once all of the paperwork is done.

That's the long way around to explain I spent a good part of my day cleaning my room. Funny how in adolescence my parents felt there was some enormous effort I needed to make in doing this very task in this very space. All it took was a little growing up, inviting friends over and wanting my room to be nice for both me and my company. Silly parents.

These were my parents, Elsa and Keith, photo taken by the mother of my child in 1989...

Today I ended up moving myself into what, at least for the near future, I am calling my house again. My home. I found myself not doing this and in fact it took me almost 2 months after my mother passing early March to realize that I was not doing this. It was almost as if the rest of the house was just some rooms I passed through to get to this one and then... what was this room?

Until 4 PM I cleaned. At 4PM I finally realized I had not eaten today and I made myself spaghetti. Moments later I got an alert from my calendar that there was a Dodgers baseball game on and to my surprise it was on Fox which meant I got to see it. No cable here--I don't get a lot of games. So another first, I made some iced coffee, hopped in for a quick shower and watched the game--in the living room. My living room. There's a reason why we call it "the living room."

Not only that... great game and to my surprise again, the Dodger's won! Now it's time to make some dinner... in my kitchen.

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