Thursday, June 20, 2013

Today's walk report: 062013

I'm losin' status at the high school
I used to think that it was my school . . .

For no particular reason I walked to my High School today, did a lap around the school's perimeter and came back home. It wasn't exciting, there wasn't nostalgic reminiscing involved although it did conjure some memories, it was just a different walk. The campus itself was depressingly run down and there were a few signs of the times...

Once again, let me start a little closer to the beginning of the trek. Speaking of schools, everyday I pass my old grammar school.  Calvert St. Elementary, I'm on Calvert St. which is the backside of the school. The address is actually on Delano St. I remember being told that was because there was already a Delano St. Elementary but that is simply not true. We have the Internet now, we can check out your lies!

Most public schools make me think of large animal cages or a prison.

That was all asphalt when I was there, black and hot. They only got the grant for the grass infield about 2 years ago. Some parent was apparently well versed in writing grant proposals.

I rode a bicycle to H.S., I may have walked a couple of times and I remember times getting a ride with my mom. I know, exciting, isn't it. If you're saying to yourself, who the fuck cares about this shit?, you may want to go read my intro to this walk report escapade.

Looking back aftter going under the US 101 freeway... Yeah, I already talked about that creepy tunnel.

The first corner right after the tunnel. I believe this building went up early 70s and I think initially it was a Scandinavian furniture store. It later became an Italian furniture store and now it's just another rundown dump on Ventura Blvd. It was out of place and sort of Jetson's looking when it first went in. A couple of doors east you can just see the sign for the "Excitement, Love Boutique." I was already crossing the street when I noticed that but am taking a mental note for including it in a future walk.

Across the street is the 1st In-n-Out Burger location in my lifetime. Cars still lined up past the driveway and I remember lines backed up for a couple of blocks back in the 70s.

I do the burger thing about once or twice a year now. If you go to In-n-Out get your fries animal style.

The Ralph's supermarket across the street from the High School. Senior year one of my buddies and I would go to Ralph's on occasion at lunch time, pick up a gallon of fruit punch and a dozen Hostess O's to compliment triple decker peanut butter and strawberry preserves sandwiches. Another friend brought a table cloth and a couple of dinner candles, plates, etc. and we proceeded to set-up a little "dining experience" in the campus lunch area. I got carried away on the sugar rush once and built quite a crowd while flinging the closed 1/4 full plastic bottle of fruit punch up in the air. I kid you not there were about 300 kids standing around watching this. Then the boy's dean joined the crowd.

There were other antics at lunch time, here's my friend Larry and I in 1973, 11th grade. Once I raised this by adding another bench it got a little unpredictable, especially since we would both teeter and rotate. This too drew the attention of the boy's dean.

The High School today...

and some of those "signs of the times" I mentioned...

There was no fence here when I was there.

Then there's this. No weapons?!? Are you kidding me? How are you supposed to go to school without some firepower?

Then this one. I have to wonder a bit about what actually prompted something like this.

and finally, for those kids who didn't (couldn't?) read the no weapons sign...

This is a tacky new trend here by the way. I've seen this at other schools where they are apparently renting advertising space on school chain link fences.

Walk total was 6.15 km. Short. I would've done more except for about 1/2 of that I really needed to pee.

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