Sunday, June 9, 2013

Today's walk report: 060913

Waiting didn't hold any interest for me.

I saw this event being set up for the last couple of days however I thought it was probably related to College graduation. Turns out it was a "free" concert being put on by L.A. Winds or Los Angeles Symphonic Winds, they apparently like both names. I put the word free in quotes because most of what I saw was them groveling to sell raffle tickets apparently to help fund an upcoming winter performance in Beijing. I'm also assuming there were meal and beverage tickets. I had asked a couple of people of people when the performance was supposed to start, they said 7:30. Looking at the time on my camera, 7:29, I thought, I can wait for that. It turns out these folks were misinformed. I had done another lap on the top of the hill which is just shy of 1/2 mile only to find out the concert was to begin at sunset, 8:05. Waiting another 20 minutes wasn't happening.

For the most part the crowd was pretty old. It in fact appeared to me most younger people attending had driven some of the old folks to the performance. I couldn't find a program. In fact, I can't find this event listed on the L.A. Winds website. It was catered, the food looked pretty decent. Had I known in advance and known what the deal was on the meal and beverages I may have prepared something... brought some doggie bags along... you know?

The first few miles of the walk were even more uneventful...

Otherwise, it was a great walk. There was little to present here but as my walks go it was very fulfilling. The music I brought along was excellent for one and for two I was revitalized during the walk. I felt rundown for the 1st two miles or so and then I felt fantastic. Probably endorphins for the most part but whatever the formula nothing is better than a walk making you feel a ton better than you did starting out.

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