Thursday, June 27, 2013

Today's walk report: 062713

Waiting on the temperature to go down to something reasonable will also effect my doing entries here with any sort of substance and enthusiasm anyway. It's 9:20 PM I've been home for 23 minutes. I need to eat, feed my cat, shower and relax a little so it's a good thing I don't have anything to report.

My biggest joy today despite being in a house that was 90ยบ F by 3 PM (I turned the a/c on at 3 PM) was listening to music. Resurrecting the old family stereo is one of the best things I've done for myself since returning home almost two years ago. I've unfortunately exhausted the limited resources of the local rock and classic rock radio stations. Why can't we hear other songs by the same artists they play over and over, year after year? It's the same old playlist we've heard, for the most part, for over 30 years. I moved on to the classical station but found some stagnation there and also... I don't care about some minor composer I never heard of enough to hear about what they had for dinner 250 years ago. In lieu of spending money on a multi-disk CD player and to augment album sides, I went simple and added an iPod to the system and that adds Internet radio, Pandora, etc. to the mix. This an iPod Touch, second generation, which I don't really care for now that I don't have a gym to go to.

The fan you'll understand if you've ever dealt with a tube amplifier of any kind. I'm trying to add some longevity to the power stage of the receiver up above the fan. I won't be able to find those tubes again and the replacement tubes are expensive and require tweaking.

That's a lot more than I planned to say. Tomorrow's a camera day. Tune in, I'll try to at least make up for the mundane banter with some nice images.

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