Friday, June 21, 2013

Today's walk report: 062113

1st day of summer, I'm not really looking forward to it either. It's gonna be brutal.

Pretty much just a few photos today...

I'm going to avoid the egret jokes this time. There's something about this bird that tells me it's the same one I've always seen but it is decisively bigger than last siting.

With the kids coming back for summer school and me skipping the garden for the past 4 days I missed the Century agave's full bloom. I don't have a definite ID on this by the way, anyone is certainly welcome to correct me. This was a not so controlled effort to do a "panorama" of the plant to give an idea of size. Yes, the mockingbird is up top.

There are flowers which haven't opened but much of it looks like this up close.

Coming down the hill on the way home I noticed the 1st of these guys. This occurred last year too. Presumably this is some ham radio group who gets together annually and has their little amateur radio party on the hill for a weekend. Ham is actually a derogatory term, with the same origin as the term "a ham" for a poor actor.

Egretfully, that's all I have for you.

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