Monday, June 17, 2013

Today's walk report: 061713

Huge detour...

Today I went online trying to find "the best" sunscreen. Anytime you look for "the best" of any product online it seems you get steered into reports and reviews which are really just redirects for the sale of goods. I must have looked at 6 or 7 "best" sunscreen web articles and the odd thing was none of them ever repeated the other's product. So I decided I'd go with the 1st "best" that I saw which was this, Kabana Green Screen which is available online if you'd like to buy $60 worth or you can buy it at Whole Foods. I mapped out the closest Whole Foods, there were two pretty much the same distance from me but in opposite directions. Either way it was going to take my walk well over 10km and I decided I didn't feel like walking that sort of distance today...

But I did.

As it turned out the college campus appears to have started summer session and that meant a lot of annoying young people running around basically clueless and in my space. When I got to the west end of the campus I guessed I only had about another .8km (1/2 mile) west and about 1.2km (3/4 mile) south to go and I'd be at Whole Foods. Turns out it was 2.73 km (1.7 miles). Of course that meant adding the same for the walk home.

I don't know what time I left exactly but I got home at 9:10 PM. They didn't have the Kabana Green Screen and I ended up getting something somebody in the store recommended and it turns out to be pretty much the opposite of what I was looking for. I was looking for something that wouldn't burn once perspiration carried it into my eyes. My bad in a way because in making the decision not to go this route before leaving I also decided to leave my glasses here. I can't read labels without my glasses. I, in fact, usually carry an little loupe in my pants pocket but I had taken that out yesterday and never shoved it back in my pocket.

Live and learn.

Here are some pictures along the way...

The only shot on campus. The cactus flower from yesterday. I had predicted full bloom would be one day and sure enough.

Probably meaningless to most but I had been taking a weekly shot of this ugliness back when I was taking my mother out to get her hair done. This is an apartment building going in where Panavision had their offices, stages, warehouse, etc. for years. They moved onto a much smaller property about a block or two away. Panavision maintained some sense of a view for the Warner towers in the background. This new construction is taking all of that away. Growing up all of this property was, to the greater extent, fields of pumpkins and corn. Here's a tree I really liked off one corner of the old Panavision building.

For the most part, there wasn't much to take pictures of. The Warner Center is pretty awful looking and landscaping runs par with the boring office architecture.

The old Weider building. I don't think this is being used anymore. I could be wrong but it always looks dead. It was already 7:10 PM once I got here so most people working in this center had left for the day.

The Warner Towers and surrounding buildings. The landscaping looks like some sort of maladjusted golf course.

My destination. My impression? The place is an overpriced, over hyped dump.

So I went across the street to shop for a car...

MSRP, $208,660 and you get a handicapped placard.

But I wanted blue... so I left.

Besides buying the wrong sunscreen I got this $2.50 1 liter bottle of bullshit water. It's just water. Believe it or not I bought this one because I liked the way it felt in my hand and I needed to walk with it.

The walk home...

Maybe I should work here. I'm a Viking.


As I recall, I've actually applied for work with these folks once upon a time. Intuit for those who don't know is a software company best known for Quickbooks.

I repeat, they're a software company. What would they know about art? Left brainers.

The final hill, I still have about 3.5km to go. It's about 8:30 and while I wasn't resenting the detour I was REALLY looking forward to getting home.

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