Saturday, June 15, 2013

Today's walk report: 061513

It burns... oh my GAWD, it BURNS!

Hey! Can somebody please come up with a sunblock that doesn't burn and sting the blazes out of your eyes once you start perspiring? That would be really nice. It especially makes taking pictures difficult.

I didn't add any penalties to the walk today. In fact I almost cut it way short. My headphones were breaking up due to an intermittent connection to the right ear piece. This has happened before but it happens more frequently now because these headphones I prefer aren't made as well as they used to be. I think I'm on my 4th pair now. They're Koss KSC75's and they used to have molded connections. They, in fact, still show a molded connection for the 3.5mm connector that plugs into the iPod (or whatever) on that webpage. I haven't seen that for at least a few years. iPod repair break is happening right now... I don't want to deal with this tomorrow.

Ah FUCK! Geez... Unbelievable. In the process of cheapening Koss went and made these things not so fixable. At least not obviously so. Certainly not like my previous pair. Instead of having the leads connect to the driver (where the sound comes from) they put some cheesy little board in there which presumably must or should conduct the signal to something under the plastic, shown here...

So however that piece with the wires connected is supposed to conduct to the driver it doesn't anymore. I ended up taking parts from this unit and fixing the first one of these I ever bought... back when it was made well and simply got worn out. I guess I'm not buying these again. The thing is I refuse to wear earbuds, I think they damage your hearing and will go so far as to say they cause some disorientation. I also want to hear what's going on around me and I want comfort. Recommendations are welcomed.

Sorry for the big waste of time, consider it a consumer report.

On to the walk...

Yesterday I mentioned that the pond/statue thing was also a memorial. Here is the dedication.

Here's the Agave celsii once again. It was mentioned here for one. This is a "panorama" of two images blended in Photoshop. I didn't have the right lens to shoot it full length like this.

This looked more interesting through the camera. I was 11m away.

Paper wasp enjoying red mountain sage.

Ah-ha! It's not the sage it was after at all. Paper wasps are beneficial to gardens, hey often hunt harmful pests. They are also non-aggressive to humans.

Just when I thought I wouldn't see anything new in this garden these cacti bloom. I did not see this last year. My guess is these were planted recently or they didn't bloom last year. This is another 2 image "panorama."

The flower. I will shoot this again tomorrow with my macro lens. This was shot with a 70-300mm zoom using a close-up attachment. 

More arrogant than the mockingbird and while rather quiet in comparison the sound of the scrub-jay is really annoying. They make a rapid clatter with their beak.

I hope you enjoyed my walk. I had fun, headphones fizzle aside.

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