Monday, September 30, 2013

Today's walk report: 093013

My left foot...

Hurts. I wanted to shortcut and in fact I did take a .85 km shortcut but decided to double up on the next street and make up for it. Some weird, self-imposed, tough it out, guilt thing. I suppose. Anyway, I'm overdue for d.i.y. home podiatry on my left foot. Basically this is shaving down calluses I get between the 4th and 5th (the "pinky") toes (inside both toes, they rub) and it's actually pretty challenging because I do this with a sterlized utility blade and have to shave down the 4th toe callus blind. It's impossible to see, I've tried all sorts of methods. Mirrors just make it confusing. It's real easy to make a bad cut. Gruesome, don't you think?

I had a day full of me saying out loud but only to myself and my cat Lucy, "wtf." Many times "wtf!" or even "WTF!!!" I won't explain. I needed the walk and the pain but now I need to relax, have dinner and watch the final episode of Breaking Bad before any more clues to the story "leak" to me.

Oh, when I walked into my bedroom/office here I found Lucy T. Cat going nuts after something. It was the second time today so I had a pretty good idea what it was. This one was just set free in the back yard and I hope it has some way of warning others of its kind about Lucy. If I'm not around they're going to lose a lot more than their tails. Funny, when I was a kid we used to go out and try and catch lizards to keep in little terrariums we made, now they live here.

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