Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Today's walk report: 092413

The short version...

I was looking for a photo I took on another walk which wasn't appropriate to take tonight, partly because it was getting too dark but it also would have meant going onto someone's property in the dark so the flash could fill. I don't do stuff like that. Anyway, I couldn't find it. As much as I think I know where things are photo management has become a bit unwieldy on this computer spread across 8 TB of drive space. I'm sure I could spend several days just organizing images. So, saving the idea for another day. There's not very much going on here which is ever preconceived but I'll tuck the idea away and we'll see.

Meanwhile, music was Peter Gabriel--Greatest Hits.

"Mercy Street" is a song written by Peter Gabriel from his 1986 album So. The song deals with the life and conflicting emotions of the poet Anne Sexton, and makes frequent allusions to incidents from Sexton's life and a number of her poems, in particular the work 45 Mercy Street. Themes touched on in the song include suicide attempts, troubled parental relationships, a desire to become whole, attempting to come to terms with the past, and confessing.

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