Saturday, September 14, 2013

Today's walk report: 091413

Another A.M. walk effort.

I left at 09:00, 77.4º.
I got home at 11:20, 92.3º.

While this was a much cooler start than the typical end of my evening walks as of late I'm not inclined to applaud the weather. As I type, 2:50 P.M., I'm in my office, I just turned on the a/c and am trying to get this room down from 90º. Meanwhile the front room I just departed now has its a/c working down from 86º.

Anyway, that 2' 20' walk on a comfort level wasn't the improvement I was looking for. Looking at the numbers from this morning, if I want to make this work tomorrow here's the schedule...

07:00, 62.2º
09:20, 79.7º

Sunrise tomorrow is scheduled for 6:36. Hey, you never know, it could get canceled. My getting out at 9:00 this morning took some serious energy.

The walk. This is a nice field for little leaguers. The college players keep it well maintained. Here's a list of all-time MLB draftees from the school. The kids playing today were probably 14-16 years old (Junior League). Here are some moms and dads. Some people show up with their own little private cabanas. I watched a couple of plays, eh...

My 1st observation hitting campus central was not the Allen's hummingbird below but was rather, school in session. Bummer. A couple dozen kids already roaming around the garden with classes on break. So I asked one student and he said, Thursday/Saturday classes, 8 AM - Noon. Although it's important enough for me to have accuracy on this and I see Sat. classes on the school website going as late as 2:35 PM. I'll try to explain without sounding like a curmudgeon here but I find the kids to be rather annoying. It's usually just a few out of a bunch but for example today there was the girl on her cell phone obviously in some sort of break-up drama with that "special person" in her life and she was giving off a vibe that even the dragonflies avoided. Then there was some big dopey guy navigating the cinder path by sliding his feet along, noisy and dusty. You know, like an 8 year old.

Anyway, that break went on FOREVER...

Pretty much the same activity I saw on my sunrise labor day walk.

Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae)

Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis). They were everywhere but hardly ever landed. They were also coupled in flight and it was quite nice. I tried picking spots to focus on and shooting bursts as they entered in frame or close to without any luck.

For the observant: The bee has both antennae the right one is just blurred out from the limited DOF of the lens with a close up attachment.

I don't usually get this close to grass skipper butterflies, so here you go...

Overall? It's kind of nice to have the walk over with today. Hopefully the front room has cooled some (still up to 88º in here), it's 100º outside, I'm going to catch a movie and have a relaxed evening. Thanks!

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