Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Today's walk report: 090413

Physical therapy walk.

In my "no walk" report earlier today I mentioned back problems. Yesterday from mid-day until bedtime it was debilitating on the level of getting up from a prone or sitting position. That simple thing was a focused effort. This morning I had a serious issue getting my socks and shoes on. This is "normal" for me from time to time. It's frequency went way down when I got more serious about diet and exercise several years back now and dropped 70+ lbs. If you're overweight the best thing you can possibly do for the quality of your life is to lose it and you can do it! If you smoke cigarettes you need to quit and you need to do that now!! 

I've had lower back problems since I was 14. I know something about back pain though and, for me, walking is typically amazing physical therapy. Long strides, good breathing and keeping my feet close to the ground plus moving like I mean it. It takes anywhere from 1-4 km, endorphins kick in and I'm fine. I thought about this last night but there was just too much baggage on the day, plus an eyestrain headache and high temps that can take a lot of fun out of walking. Those temps were there again today, in fact was reporting 100º here when I walked out the door. That report was a tad high, it was more like 97º. I was so focused on the walk I didn't let it bother me. Besides. once again, I was on a mission to get ice cream. Funny, the market I walk to I don't really like to shop in. It's nice and clean, etc. but the management sucks. So it's a people thing. It's a Pavilions and if you have Pavilions near you you know they are sort of the upscale Vons... all owned by Safeway. Anyway, when I walk there it's different in one way, a little magical walking through the automated sliding door. They keep the place REALLY cool. After 5.5 km in 90º+ it's an immediate revivifying experience.

Right now my back feels 75% better than when I put my shoes and socks on this morning. Total walk, 7.35 km. I'm having some ice cream and a cupcake.

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