Saturday, September 21, 2013

Today's walk report: 092113

Countdown to fall.

I had a million things I wanted to do today. I did three. The walk was one of them. Not much happening but there were definite signs that summer is fading fast and I'm happy for that. Under 80ยบ for the day.

The same species dragonfly as yesterday in different light, Family: Darners-Aeshnidae. Still looking for the specifics.

Also yesterday I mentioned the last flower on the Apache plume bush and that there are plenty of plumes. Here's a few. They too are changing color by fading toward white. Usually they're more pinkish.

6:09 PM. The sundial was a little slow.

Well off in the distance you can see some formidable clouds. This was true all along the hillsides and mountains outside the border of this valley. Someone was getting some weather. Hopefully we get some soon ourselves. 2012 from October 11th to the 12th we got  .61" of rain and that early precipitation was all it took to kick start a bunch of wildflower seed I scattered. 2.5 lb. of seed arrived here in the mail yesterday.

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