Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Today's walk report: 091713


This was my introduction to the German progressive rock band, Sylvan, in February, 2007. Sylvan morphed over several years under different names, styles and band members, finally settling into the basic incarnation they are today in 1997. The smart move was getting a singer who could sing in English. Although sometimes his accent obscures lyrics for me but then who in rock music hasn't? I also suspect the lyrics may originate in German and then are translated.

Lucy the Cat is about 10 months old here. The song Presets from the album of the same name was playing on a progressive rock oriented Internet radio station via iTunes and I wasn't really paying much attention to it. I was playing with my cat. It was only later when I was in "post" trying to vignette out some of the mess in my apartment that I went... wait a minute, who is this band?!? I'm going to guess it was about 4 months before I ran across them again and had an ah-ha! moment.

My musical experience growing up navigated nicely into progressive rock, jazz rock, jazz fusion genres. This taking form in the early 70's. If you don't know anything about this type of music and you feel like it, click the links and you're well on your way. For me it was a natural progression from a taste for neo-classical and serial music and the dynamics of rock music. Pure and simple.

Over the last 5 walks I've heard Presets 3 times now. They're a pretty obscure band especially in the U.S. so I felt like doing my share to try and promote the music.

Something rock...

Something pretty... This is part of a "rock opera" called Posthumous Silence and it goes into the next song, just not here, so excuse the abrupt ending.


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