Friday, September 13, 2013

Today's walk report: 091313

Friday the 13th.

This morning I needed to call the IRS. The phone lines open at 7 AM. I was dialing at 7 AM. In the queue I'm told by the recorded message I have a 30 minute hold time. I thought OK, not so bad... It wasn't until I was heading into one hour on hold I realized it was Friday the 13th. Not something I really put credence into but after 2 hours, a brief conversation with one agent and a transfer to another "department" with an additional 2 hour hold you start to see how these myths get created. There wasn't any resolution to the issue either.

Onto the walk. Day one of what's being predicted as another week long heat wave and I tried to stretch out the exit time due to that once again. The biggest issue being photos. Waiting for cooler temps means losing light. When I lived in Los Angeles and experienced 15ยบ lower average temps I went out around 4 PM this time of year. Here it's 6 PM+. Sunset here was 7:04 PM today.

This was an odd pair to see so close to one another. A red-tailed hawk and a crow. I've seen crows go after hawks before in what appears to be a territorial dispute. However this hawk was quite a bit larger than that crow. The one which ultimately got spooked by my presence was the hawk. For the most part crows don't give a shit about people around here.

The horses are back in the equestrian unit so that's nice. I like talking to the horses and have been known to bring in an apple of two. I don't believe the campus owns horses anymore but rather "rents" them for the school's riding classes.

Lamb Chops here would not stop Baaaaa-ing at me. So I Baaaaa'd back and then I said byyyeee.

She might have been upset about the pair of coyotes which weren't too far away when I arrived.

Time to relax a bit, it's been a long week. As always, thanks for joining me on my walk.

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